Rave Media is a new model for the digital age – we’re both a digital agency and a technology consultancy. We combine deep technology expertise with leading digital and creative design capabilities. Our principals each have more than 20 years of Silicon Valley experience.  That means our clients can bring their biggest ideas, dreams, and challenges knowing we can bring their vision to life. Creativity is in the atmosphere here, where standing out is encouraged, and it transfers to our work.




People Come First

People are the purpose of our work.  Everything we do at Rave Media is inspired by human beings.   We take the time to listen, empathize, and discover hidden user needs and desires.

Do What You Love

We believe that the best creations and innovations happen when we are passionately engaged.   Great work comes from the heart.  We look for people who love what they do and are thrilled seeing our clients succeed.

Work Hard and Play Hard

We know that doing great work requires balance in our lives.  Play is an important part of work.  If you are not having fun you are doing it wrong. 

Done is Better Than Perfect

We banish procrastination in all of its forms and value action over inaction.  Mistakes will happen anyway, so results should come early and often.  We share our designs and ideas early to accelerate adaptation and minimize waste.

Say Yes and Take Chances

Impossible is nothing. Creative experimentation is encouraged. Standing out from the crowd is mandatory.  We use lean methods to iterate quickly, measure results, and improve our designs and processes on the fly.

No Assholes

Neither talent nor money is a fair trade for misery. We treat people with respect even on the bad days. Life is just too short.  We mean it.


James Thomason

James Thomason

Founder and CEO

James Thomason is the Founder and CEO of Rave Media. He is a creative and hands-on technology executive with 20 years of Silicon Valley experience and a career track record of $1.1B in successful acquisitions and IPOs. Most recently, Mr. Thomason was CTO at Dell Cloud Marketplace, where he led the technology strategy and product marketing efforts.

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